I Predict A Riot!

George Osborne, you know the Tory Chancellor who currently walks on water, and is the darling of the Tory Party, he’s going to announce a u-turn you-know. How soon I can’t say. But it will come. It may be in disguise, so look and listen carefully, but it will come, once he realises what’s going to happen to him.

Cutting Tax Credits, George’s post-election plan, the plan that replaced the Long Term Economic Plan, is not quite the great plan that George thought it was. Trying to pass it off as a move to a low welfare, high wage economy isn’t working, because people are going to be worse off. It’s a move to low welfare, and it will stay that way until the working poor are on high wages. George’s plan is sinking fast. That’s the trouble when you think you can walk on water, it’s hard to stay afloat.

Tory MP’s and Peers are waking up to what George has actually done. And a lot of them are now not quite as enthusiastic  as they were back in those heady days of Budget Day. As constituents start to let them know how they are affected the temperature will rise in all those Tory constituency HQ s. That in turn will see George start to feel the heat.

ToryChildrensBooks19Remember that George claimed recently he had made a “judgement call”. He had made a choice. He could have done something else. He chose to cut Tax Credits for the working poor. That is starting to look like the wrong choice. As Tory MPs listen to their constituents the message will soon reach George. Do something and do it now. If he doesn’t do something, then that other great Long Term Plan of George, to move into Number 10, might just disappear in a puff of smoke. And although George doesn’t give a shit about the poor and those on low wages, he cares an awful lot about George.

Achilles Heel? Now Mr Fuller, you’re in a marginal constituency, how do you feel about cutting Tax Credits?

Yes I predict a u-turn and if it doesn’t happen, I Predict A Riot



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