Richard Fuller, #Tory MP for #Bedford lets #IDS bullshit go unchallenged

Richard Fuller has been speaking in the house again. On 2nd Nov he asked Iain Duncan Smith:

“A substantial benefit of the issues relating to tax credits is that more companies are encouraged to pay the national living wage—£9 an hour—now. What conversations has my right hon. Friend had with the Chancellor about incentives that we could provide to companies to pay £9 an hour?”

Iain Duncan Smith replies:

“Yes, the No. 1 reality is that companies that believe the economy is well run will invest in their workforce and give them a better salary. The problem was that the last Labour Government set up a system that encouraged companies to pay low wages and leave them static. The change now is this: universal credit is making them move on; higher salaries; a better wage packet. Many companies are already paying the higher level—they have come and said they will.”

Note that Duncan Smith does not answer the question. No reference to any conversations with the Chancellor. Duncan Smith does make a number of unsubstantiated claims, highlight in bold. Really Mr Duncan Smith? “they have come and said they will”.

Of course you could look at Duncan Smith’s answer and conclude, quite rightly, that he is just full of bullshit.



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