Going back to 27th October #RichardFuller , #Tory MP for #Bedford asks the Chancellor if “companies” are in listening mode.

Oral Answers to Questions – Treasury: Tax Credits (27 Oct 2015)
Richard Fuller: It is good to see the Chancellor in listening mode.
There is another group that can assist practically but which we are not
talking about-companies. Are our companies in listening mode about the
measures that they can take in moving their employees to the national
living wage much more rapidly? What can the Chancellor say about what
they are doing to help on this issue?

The Chancellor George Osborne: My hon. Friend makes a very important point. The savings we make in welfare are part of a package that includes a national living wage. Although the national living wage starts to come in next year, over 200 major companies—such as Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Costa Coffee and many others—have already, since the Budget, introduced wage increases that match what we are proposing to do by statute, so we are already seeing the benefits of the national living wage coming into effect before it is even introduced.

“over 200 companies” introducing the national living wage? What is the “national living wage”?

And when the Chancellor says “we” are seeing the “benefits of the national living wage”,  is he talking about the Tory Party, workers, or some statistical being, which bears no relationship to any living worker in the UK?

The well rehearsed democratic charade which takes place in Westminster has very little relevance to the real world we, the citizens, live in.

It’s a bit like the VW emissions testing, everything is wonderful on the test bed, but get out on the road and your tailpipe is just pouring a load of filthy, toxic shit over the UK public. Yep that’s what they are doing, pouring a load of filthy shit over us, and trying to pass it off as democracy.

Come on Richard, you’re just being too nice. Let’s see you getting tough with these Ministers.


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