I’m with David from Oxfordshire, he has a bloody good point.

David, (I’ve not published his surname to protect his identity), who lives in Oxfordshire has written to his local council complaining about cuts to his local services. He’s quite rightly pointed out that the cuts being imposed are having a devastating effect on local services.

David’s Frontline services are now in the firing line. Libraries, children’s services, cuts affecting services for the old, parks, swimming pools, everything is going. And David is not putting up with it. After everything he and the people of Oxfordshire have had to endure, he’s decided it’s time to speak up.

As you’d expect, the leader of Oxford Council has blamed the cuts on the austerity policies of George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer. And the leader has the figures to prove it.

So David now knows who to blame. I think David will be firing off a few more letters. The Prime Minister, George Osborne, his local Tory MP, in fact anyone who will listen. Maybe even Jeremy Corbyn.

I wonder if David voted Tory?


David’s Letter to Oxford County Council



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