#RichardFuller intervention on the Trade Union Bill (#TUbill) Clause 2 – Ballots: 50% turnout requirement (10 Nov 2015)

Richard Fuller (Conservative)

“I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for giving way because I am trying to develop a theme with my questions about the Committee. I asked about thresholds and what consideration the Government gave to wildcat action. Will the hon. Gentleman speak about the restrictions on facility time and what the Government say about the potential for wildcat action if there is less time for trade unions to deal with workplace disputes?”

Chris Stevens (SNP)

“Wildcat action was not discussed in Committee. We discussed the social media provisions that could lead—as the hon. Member for Gateshead pointed out—to wildcat tweeting, but there was no discussion about wildcat action in that sense.”

Seems the Bill Committee were not to concerned about wildcat action. Not a term much used these days, a throw back to the eighties, as the Trade Union Bill is. The Tories, still living in the eighties, still obsessed by eighties thinking.




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