We’ve been here before

We’ve Been Here Before. In the eighties. In the nineties. If you need reminding, we had a Tory Government. First it was Thatcher. Then it was Major.

I’m not a Labour supporter. They failed on so many issues. But they dealt with the basics. During the last Labour Government we got used to seeing police constables on the beat. Police on our street again. It wasn’t an infrequent sight. We saw them every day. They chatted with us on the beat. We even had a local “cop shop”, on Castle Road. I can’t remember when it closed. But it’s not there now. Neither are the police officers who patrolled our streets. They’re all gone.

I can tell you that on the day we rang the police for assistance, last year, they didn’t turn up. I have been told (unofficial source) they didn’t respond because they had only five patrol cars available for the whole of Bedfordshire. Each car with two officers. Yep, we’ve been here before. When the Tories were last in charge.

If you were around in the eighties you may remember that the hospital corridors were full of patients on trolleys.  The last time the Tories were in power. It’s not quite that same, yet. But I hear we are cancelling operations again. There’s a bed shortage.  Junior Doctors are on the verge of strike action. We’ve been here before. And in case you haven’t heard, ambulances response times are getting longer.

We have a problem with school places. We are suffering from a shortage of teachers. We’ve got school places. But they are in the wrong “places”. That’s “Free Schools” for you. They are not “Free”. They cost money. And that means you don’t get a local school where you want it. It’s a bit like Tesco. Tesco build a store where it suits them, not you. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Tesco have stopped building stores. Yeah, we’ve been here before.

You might remember the “European” issue. The last time the Tories were in power we had a crisis with Europe. We’ve been here before. You might remember Black Wednesday, 16 September 1992, when we had a Tory Government. George Soros, a high-profile currency speculator, made over £1 billion speculating whilst the currency went tits up. In 1997 they estimated the cost of Black Wednesday to the economy was £3.4 billion. Some estimates said it was around £27 billion. Let’s just say it cost a lot of dosh. But we’ve been here before.

If you were around on Black Wednesday you might remember that the main loss was to taxpayers. The Tories had an economic plan.  But the masters of the “Economic Plan” at that time didn’t have a fucking clue what they were doing.

Now they’re losing jobs again, the same kind of jobs, the same kind of people. The same kind of Government.

I suggest you make sure you have sound locks on your door. Make sure you stay healthy. And I’d hide your wallet because the Tories are going to come for more of your cash. The rich will have moved their cash overseas, safe.

I could go on, but all I need to say is, “We’ve been here before”. When we had a Tory Government. Next time you vote, remember, please.



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