The UK should be leading the diplomatic offensive on behalf of the people of Syria.

It will now be, “down to MPs to examine both the evidence and their consciences before deciding how Britain should act. Barely a month ago, the Foreign Affairs Committee concluded that “the focus on the extension of airstrikes against ISIL in Syria is a distraction from the much bigger and more important task of finding a resolution to the conflict in Syria and thereby removing one of the main facilitators of ISIL’s rise.” I can see nothing that has changed since then. That’s why I intend to vote against this military action in Syria – and will be urging the Government to wage peace rather than war by pursuing non-military means of bringing about an end to this most intransigent of conflicts”, writes Caroline Lucas.

I fear the majority of MPs are not be capable of examining the evidence when faced with pressure to be seen to be strong, patriotic and doing something. If they can find the strength of character, and listen to their conscience, they may be able resist the Cameron led charge into the chaos that is Syria.

We are not needed. There are more than enough bombs falling from the sky over Syria. If those bombs cannot accomplish the goals, then UK bombs are unlikely to tip the balance.

What Syria needs is someone to lead the diplomatic offensive, and lead the charge to peace. Sadly our Prime Minister has neither the strength, nor the skills, to handle such a challenge. The chaos will grow. And our elected representatives are probably going to take us into its centre.

If only they would pause, and then vote with strength, and their conscience, for a diplomatic offensive on behalf of the people of Syria.



Source: Air Strikes Would Only Harm Our Chances of a Diplomatic Solution in Syria | Caroline Lucas


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