#RichardFuller #Tory MP for #Bedford likely to ignore those in Bedford who oppose bombing #Syria

In replies to emails from constituents, Richard Fuller has indicated he will support bombing in Syria, even though he said at a public meeting on 29th November that David Cameron had so failed to answer all the questions around a bombing campaign.

Constituents are taking to social media to condemn Richard Fuller’s support for bombing, particularly as in today’s debate the Prime Minister has been unable  provide adequate answers to questions posed.

His mythical 70 000 ground force now ranks alongside Blair’s WMD, as a grotesque use of myth and half-truth, in an attempt to justify a crude response to a complex problem.

His last-minute cry to Tory MPs not to support the “terrorist sympathisers” shows typical Cameron desperation, resorting to vilification and insult when he has lost the argument.

There is a time to fight and follow a leader into war. When a leader cannot articulate a comprehensive argument to go to war, when a leader cannot lay out a strategic plan, when a leader cannot explain how peace will return to Syria, when a leader has nothing to say about rebuilding Syria, then that leader is not a leader. When a leader resorts to half-truths and deception on the issue of war, he is not a leader, he is a desperate war-monger.

That leader is nothing but a failed politician ………….and a failed politician is a very dangerous politician. Hopefully there will still be enough politicians in Westminster to help make the right decision.

Nothing more needs to be said.



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