The EU “Don’t Know Campaign” not sure when to launch

Rumours are circulating that the EU “Don’t Know” campaign will be launching soon.

UKMapwithCitiesA spokesperson said, “Our campaign will be launching soon, but we don’t quite know the exact date yet”. The feeling in the Don’t Know camp is that, with David Cameron prevaricating over the outcome of his EU negotiations, it may be difficult for the Don’t Knows to build up a head of steam before the announcement of the date for the referendum.

“Of course we don’t know the date of the referendum yet”, the spokesperson continued, “but we don’t want to be caught out by that. There is nothing worse than not knowing, although one thing is certain, we don’t know which way to vote”.

With the two other campaigns, “Keep Us In” and “Get Us Out”, already underway, the “Don’t Know” campaign want to make sure that those voters who have not made up their mind remain firmly in the “Don’t Know” camp.

Asked if there would be a “Don’t Know” option on the ballot paper the spokesperson said, “We don’t know yet, but as members of the UK electorate, it is our fundamental human right not to know”.

A Downing Street spokesperson said, “The Don’t Know Campaign really should make up their mind”.


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