Political Events in 2016

slide_470872_6407242_compressed2016 has lined up some juicy political events, and that doesn’t include all those unexpected events, which usually turn out to be more entertaining, if not as influential.

Top of the list is the EU Referendum, if it happens. Mr C has created such high expectations of himself that, after all the spin, he’s going to look something of a knob. Expect him to come up smelling of roses after the Tory EU Out boys have given him a good kicking.

12373237_1041898319211265_7672609675097047782_nIn May we have a host of elections. Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Local Authority in England and London Mayor. I wonder if Super Dave has time to add the EU Referendum to the list? Even if he doesn’t there’ll be some party bullshit flying around. Who wins and who loses?

Heathrow will return and haunt Super Dave. He’s put a lot of effort into avoiding the decision, so he’ll have to pay the price sooner or later.

Burning oil field, Ahmadi Oil Fields, Kuwait, 1991
Burning oil field, Ahmadi Oil Fields, Kuwait, 1991

Sometime this year there will be a vote in Parliament on renewing Trident, as promised by our Super Patriotic PM. Expect a lot of mud-slinging and calls for anti-nuclear supporters to be locked up in the Tower. Patriots will call for renewal, “whatever it takes”, and Dave will be really “pumped up”.

Then we have the US Election, where we all find out if SuperTrump (not to be confused with SuperTramp) gets to mould the US in his own image. At the moment this could be the world’s worst nightmare, but we can all live in hope. If SuperTrump takes over I guess everything else becomes irrelevant.

Top SecretFinally, all these events could pale into insignificance if Jeremy Corbyn forgets to tie his shoelaces one morning, or makes some outrageous statement about not being in favour of Trident, or heaven forbid, says he prefers Quorn to good old British Beef. God help us.


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