While the media were having fun with the Labour reshuffle, we took a few more steps down the road to becoming a water-logged, fracked up, desolate, wasteland.

The floods are still the daily headline for thousands in the North of England and Scotland. Cameron’s flood defence cuts should be coming under increased scrutiny by the media.

But what are the media fixated on?

Corbyn, his reshuffle and the right-wing wingers who see their political careers going down the drain. Those on the Labour right are just as bad as the Tories. They need to shut up and fight for the flood victims.

Cameron makes a massive u-turn to stop his cabinet falling apart. He’s forced to concede the point that Cabinet Members can do their own thing during the EU referendum. Speaker of the House Grayling, supported by a gaggle of other sceptics , put Cameron on the spot, and Cameron caved in.  Cameron, as Prime Minister, is in as much trouble as Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition. But Labour has too many members gossiping ………

What’s the headline? You guessed, “Corbyn in deep shit”.

Cameron pushes through a Housing Bill with numerous amendments and no one bats an eyelid. Affordable Homes can now cost up to £450 000, so the Government can report an increase in the number of affordable homes being built. But the Labour gossip machine is in overdrive …………… so

What’s the headline, you guessed, “Corbyn …………. “.

Back to work after Christmas and commuters face fare increases. Sadiq Khan promises to freeze fares, Corbyn joins commuters to protest, and there is talk of taking the railways back into public ownership. But Labour gossip is getting better …… so

What’s the headline? “Is Corbyn going to sack Benn, or not?”

You may not have noticed, but the Fire Service is going to change hands. It will come under the control of the Home Office and be run by the police. I think that means it will be under the control of the Police and Crime Commissioners, who are having a few “budget issues”. If they have to make savings, I’m thinking the Fire Service will have to become “more efficient”, or as we know it, face cuts. The Fire Brigades Union made a fuss. Did anyone from Labour support them?

What was the headline? “Corbyn reshuffle is a threat to ………….”.

The journos need to get their fucking act together before this country becomes a water-logged, fracked up, desolate, wasteland. And if the Labour extreme right don’t stop telling tales out of school, they might find themselves more unpopular than they already are.

It’s really hard to be more unpopular than the Tories,  but some people in Labour are doing their best.


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