NASUWT warns teachers’ review body that pay chaos, confusion, unfairness and discrimination is rife in schools

A Government TV Recruitment AD Campaign will not solve the crisis in Teacher recruitment

North Beds NASUWT

The NASUWT has responded to the Government’s submission on teachers’ pay as the School Teachers’ Review Body for England and Wales considers ‘Teachers’ Pay for 2016-17’.

The NASUWT give a forensic analysis of the Government’s submission and supplements the comprehensive evidence submitted to the Review Body by the Union in November.

The NASUWT make a clear case for a significant pay award for teachers. The Union highlight the need for an urgent change of direction for Government policy on teachers’ pay,  which is a major contributory factor to the current teacher supply crisis.

Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary said, “The Review Body cannot ignore the NASUWT’s detailed evidence which demonstrates clearly that Government policies on teachers’ pay are a major contributory factor to the current crisis in teacher recruitment and retention”.

She added that, “A Report by Incomes Data Research, commissioned by the NASUWT, confirms that teaching ‘appears relatively unattractive in terms of earnings when compared…

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