BBC, always striving for balance.

BBC, always striving for balance on current affairs. Looks like they did it again.

Viewers were quick to vent their anger at Thursday night’s BBC Question Time panel, highlighting the clear imbalance of political views.

Thousands used the programme’s hashtag to highlight the “right-wing” views of guests on the programme, which included former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie, Times columnist Camilla Long, Tory Minister Nick Boles, and Ukip’s Patrick O’Flynn. And for balance, Labour’s Cat Smith.

In fact the anger started long before the programme. Twitter users reacting to the line up when it was first announced. Another example of the wider public making their views known independent of traditional media?

Source: BBC Question Time Criticised By Viewers On Twitter For ‘Right-Wing’, ‘Unbalanced’ Panel

The audience included a few Junior Doctors, as well as a supportive public, who were quick to let the panel know that they no longer speak for “us”.

In one exchange between panelists Cat Smith and Kelvin MacKenzie, the ex-Sun editor seemed to think his narrow, extreme views would gain audience approval.      MacKenzie revealed that he  favours spending money on war rather than saving jobs.

During the exchange Mackenzie said, “Is that what you are saying – you would rather create steel in one part of the country …. rather than go to war.” I think the answer to that one is, “Yes, I’d rather create steel”.

I suppose going to war to does keep some people in a job, at the same time acting as a crude form of immigration control, since dead civilians are unlikely to land on the UK shores. It offers a perfect solution for someone of a certain kind of extreme right-wing persuasion.

MacKenzie’s last comment during the exchange, revealed how, and where, his views are formed on working people, when he said, “They (working people) are not struggling. They are thriving. You’re in London. The global capital of the world. Ridiculous.” If you’re wealthy and in London I suppose you are thriving, but ………..

The audience reaction gave me some cause for optimism.

A 2013 study  produced some evidence to support the view that the BBC favours the establishment and finance. Little is heard from the smaller political parties and representatives of other groups in society.

I suppose Westminster feel they are getting a good deal when we, the “hard-working tax payers”, fund their propaganda machine.


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