BBC supporting “old politics” in a perverse decision on Party Political Broadcasts

The Green Party’s Deputy Leaders, Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali, handed in an official appeal to the BBC Trust, urging the BBC to re-consider its first decision not to grant the Green Party of England and Wales a Party Political Broadcast in England.

The Green Party has also launched a petition, on 2nd February, calling on the public broadcaster to include the Greens. SEE LINK BELOW.

Last week, Nick Martin, Green Party CEO, wrote to the Director General and Director of Editorial Policy and Standards of the BBC. Martin argued that the current proposals, which shut out the Greens and allocate three broadcasts to the Liberal Democrats, fail to recognise the pattern and direction of political support in England.

Today’s appeal to The BBC Trust is an official appeal. The appeal will be heard by the Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee.

Speaking at the hand-in, Womack said: “This time last year it was the public that ensured our inclusion in the televised Leaders Debates. Now we need that support again. The Green Party’s membership has grown and the Green Party’s vote has grown. It’s time our public broadcaster reflected the general public’s support for the Greens.”

ShahrarAli said: “The BBC is a public service broadcaster and we feel they have an obligation to treat all parties on an even keel.”

Ali continued, “By continuing to exclude the Greens from the PPBs it is our contention that the BBC is not fulfilling its duty to ensure balance by communicating the full range of political opinions to its audience.”

The BBC seem to think it is acceptable to exclude a party which represents over a million voters. The BBC perverse view of democracy, defined by its inclusion of two parties supporting established interests,  and excluding  another party supporting ordinary voters concerned about issues no other party is talking about.

The Green Party are the only party speaking for the voiceless. It is this group the BBC, as a public service broadcaster, should be giving a voice to.

BBCTrust_Amelia_Shahrar_1Deputy Leaders Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali handing in the appeal to the BBC .


The Green Party has launched a petition today calling on the public broadcaster to include the Greens. Sign the petition if you support the Green Party’s fight for representative democracy.





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