Can you trust Westminster?

AM Strategy, owned by former Labour health secretary, generated income primarily from private healthcare consulting

Source: Company owned by Alan Milburn had £663,000 profit increase in 2013-14 | Society | The Guardian

This story appeared in the Guardian on 29th January 2015.

It shows us how some people in New Labour were able to make a nice living from the NHS. They weren’t the only ones.

And now there are more people doing it. It’s a benefit of privatisation that many of those in Westminster are really looking forward to.

There is a nice little merry-go-round of money. From hard-working taxpayer, to NHS, to nice corporate profit and tax avoidance. A practice developed further under the Tories, and due to be taken to a new extreme as the Tory privatisation plans come to fruition.

Don’t forget that, as your wages fall and charges for Health Care are gradually expanded, the amount you pay into the corporate profit coffers will increase dramatically.

Can you trust Westminster?



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