Iain Duncan Smith complains about your “outrageous actions” and then gets sent to the Senior Mistress for handwriting practice.

Iain Duncan Smith, well-known, political, military and social misfit, complained about his treatment by those on social media, or as he tends to refer to them, the feckless, work shy, something for nothing, left-wing militants.

His hand-written note, on a released letter, shows how hurt and upset he is about his treatment.

These nasty people are making life very difficult for Iain.

I would ask them to stop their horrible bullying, but I don’t think my pleas will have any effect. At least I hope they wont.

Because Iain’s handwriting is so poor someone has kindly sorted out the mess. This what he has written:

“There are some out there in the media and social media who have used ons [?] figures to accuse the govt of outrageous actions.

I would hope that the committee would not seek to follow suit. I see that having introduced ESA and the WLA, the Labour Party now seeks to attack it as though they had nothing to do with it.

Surely the committee should seek to recognise the good intent of those engaged in this difficult area.” SOURCE: Political Scrapbook

Firstly, I think Iain should report to the Senior Mistress, Nicky Morgan, for handwriting practice after PMQ’s every Wednesday.

Secondly, we are not accusing you of “outrageous actions”, we are observing, complaining and suffering because of your “outrageous actions”. In future notes please make your written comments clear.


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