NHS Chiefs do not support #Hunt and make him look like a #Fool

cropped-light-sabre.jpgYesterday Jeremy Hunt said he had the support of NHS chiefs when he imposed his contract on Junior Doctors. Apparently he didn’t ask them. He must have imposed their support for his contract.

Later it began to emerge that a few of the NHS Chiefs that Jeremy claimed supported his imposition of his contract didn’t actually support him. As the day wore on the number grew. By the end of yesterday about half of the NHS Chiefs said they were against Jeremy Hunt imposing his contract.

As I write, only 2 NHS Chiefs have openly supported Hunt.

One NHS Chief  said she had wanted her name removed before the list went public, but Hunt ignored her and went ahead.

So only two NHS Chiefs  have publicly come out in support of the Health Secretary’s actions yesterday. Everyone else has opposed him or remained silent .

Looks like Jeremy Hunt really doesn’t know what he is doing. He seems to think it’s OK to deceive, lie, spin, and generally mislead so Bedfordhe can get his own way. You carry on Jeremy, we’ve got your measure. There is a long shadow hanging over you now, your days as Health Secretary are probably numbered. How do we know?

Apart from your monumental balls-up, your boss David Cameron, is just like you, so when he says you have his full support will you believe him?

And neither will we.

Westminster: what a disaster.




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