#BedfordBorough to spend £149k on #consultants to implement #austerity #cuts

Bedford Borough Council have bought in the services of Price Waterhouse Cooper to help them make cuts. It’s going to cost us £149000.

It’s likely people will lose their jobs, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that PWC have done the dirty work and identified who the targets will be.

Let’s hope they target some of the council’s top executives, the decision makers. These are the people who should be making the decisions, not the likes of PWC.

Someone speaking for Bedford Borough claimed they were trying to keep front-line services, by looking at how the council operates. I thought that’s why we paid the council executives and elected our council representatives.

If they are not up to it they should move over, but please stop passing the buck.

Source: Bedford council’s £149k bill from financial experts to cut costs | Bedfordshire News



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