The progressive platform of the #GreenParty could not be more timely, or critical, to the future of the UK| The Canary

“The key report’s findings condemn not only the policies of the Coalition Government led by David Cameron, but the New Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. This emphasizes the case that the root cause of this issue is not one party or another, but the ideology of neoliberalism (embraced in barely distinguishable forms by New Labour, the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats) itself. Britain needs news ideas. The resurgence of Corbyn’s Labour, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru in Wales, and the progressive platform of the Green Party could not be more timely, or critical, to the future of the UK, and her diverse and capable people.”

A comprehensive study of living standards among working people in Britain has been completed by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation this week, and the results are staggering. It is hard to find a time in modern history where working people in Britain had it worse than today. The grim reality could be summed up in a single image tweeted […]

Joseph rowntree

Source: This one image shows just how badly David Cameron has shafted working people in Britain (IMAGE) | The Canary



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