There are no facts, just opinion and ideology.

Watching #BBCDailyPolitics I can’t help feeling that, not only do the electorate not know enough about the in/out #EURef, our politicians don’t either.

The politicians are busy putting out “opinion” in the hope that we, the plebs, will interpret it as “fact“. In reality they have as much idea as we do. It’s all guess-work.

demcracyTheir ideas are driven by their ideology, their connections and their self-interest. There are very few facts around. There is plenty of speculation, but as we know, a politician’s speculation is as a reliable as a chocolate teapot.


In the news today is the report on the energy providers and their tariffs. Privatisation was supposed to bring a highly competitive market to the consumer, mainly on price.

tumblr_m81dzafFA21qcekj1o1_500Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole process was driven by the ideology of the day. Private is good. State is bad. No facts, just opinion.

What did the politicians gain?

Ask, what do you, a politician, stand to gain from staying or leaving the #EU?

Gove 2


You may have to answer that question for yourself, but one thing is certain, we are not all in it together, and they are not advocating for you.




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