Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, British through and through, or are they?

Your country, your future, your vote.
Your country, your future, your vote. The EFD logo is in the bottom left.

On Sat 12th March I was given an #EU Referendum leaflet published by the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group. 

The leaflet provides information for voters in the forthcoming UK Referendum on EU Membership.

The leaflet is aimed at UK voters, and the Union Jack clearly signifies where its loyalties lie. It is unashamedly in the “No” camp. British through and through. You can see earlier comments on my blog.

So who are the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy?

First and foremost they are not a UK organisation. They are a grouping of EU MEPs, as it says on the leaflet. They have a website, People’s Voice, which gives more information about who is in the group and what their aims are.

The address of publication is not even in the UK, it’s an address in Brussels, rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels, Belgium. You have to wonder whether the leaflet was even printed in the UK. So much for its Britishness.

FarRage and Democracy
Nigel Farage (and Democracy) is a joint President

As far as I can work out from the website, the EFDD is made up 22 UK MEPs, from UKIP; 17 MEPs from Italy; 2 MEPs from Sweden; 1 MEP from each of, the Czech Republic, France, Lithuania and Poland. That’s over 50% non-UK members.

The group I saw today had a stall covered in “Grassroots” leaflets, I assume to give the impression they were nothing to do with Mr Farage or the EU Parliament, and everything to do with being a patriotic British group.

You have to be so careful these days.




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