The EFD in #Bedford this morning. Who the fuck are the #EFD I hear you ask?

Your country, your future, your vote
Your country, your future, your vote

Walking in Bedford Town Centre this morning, I’m approached by a young woman wanting to talk to me about voting to leave the #EU. She gives me a leaflet and tells me the #EURef is about #Democracy.

We have a discussion. I challenge everything she says. She tells me the EU Commission is undemocratic. I ask her who the European Commission are.

She tells me again the EU Commission is not democratic. I ask her how EU Commissioners get their jobs. Her response is, “I don’t want to have an argument with you”.

My response to that is, “But you haven’t answered my questions”.  I tell her who the EU Commission are. She repeats her “no argument” line.

A nice big boat taking lots of containers around the world. But the containers are full of non-British goods since every UK Govt for the last thirty years has killed UK industry. Oops, not the EU then.
A nice big boat taking lots of containers around the world. But the containers are full of non-British goods since every UK Govt for the last thirty years has killed UK industry. Oops, not the EU then.

I ask her about Worker’s Rights. She says she doesn’t want an argument. I walk away laughing.

She is from a group called Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, a political grouping in the European Parliament. They evolved from an earlier EU grouping, Europe of Freedom and Democracy Their website is the People’s Voice. She gave me their leaflet. Now I am writing about it.

If the #EURef is about democracy can I suggest we deal with a few existing issues in our country first; we have an un-elected Head of State; we have an appointed, un-elected second chamber; we have a voting system that blatantly favours the two main establishment parties; we have a government who, if I’m to believe what is written, are in the process of making changes which will mean it will be extremely difficult for any other party to gain a majority in parliament.

FarRage and Democracy
FarRage and Democracy

If we want to fix democracy we would be better starting with a few things in “our country”.

On page 3 is a photograph of two elderly gentlemen with glasses. “Do you even know who they are?”, we are asked.

They are the top dogs in the EU and they make “our laws”. What, just those two? I didn’t vote for them. I can’t get rid of them. But they make 50% of the laws which govern my life. Really?

So how did they get this job of governing my life?

Apparently, “A new team of 28 Commissioners (one from each EU Member State) is appointed every five years.”

“The candidate for President of the Commission is proposed to the European Parliament by the European Council that decides, by qualified majority, and taking into account the elections to the European Parliament.”

Two elderly gentlemen with glasses who "make 50% of the laws that Govern my life". Bullshit.
Two elderly gentlemen with glasses who “make 50% of the laws that Govern my life”. Bullshit.

“The Commission President is then elected by the European Parliament by a majority of its component members (which corresponds to at least 376 out of 751 votes).”

So the commissioners are appointed by my elected representatives, which is better than my Head of State, and on a par with the members of the House of Lords. I think that makes the EU a tiny bit, just a tiny bit, more democratic than the UK.

We are not in the Euro, the yes men chose not to join.
We are not in the Euro, the yes men chose not to join.

Now the European Parliament ” is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the European Union (EU). Together with the Council of the European Union (the Council) and the European Commission, it exercises the legislative function of the EU”.

“Although the European Parliament has legislative power that the Council and Commission do not possess, it does not formally possess legislative initiative“. So it’s the elected European Parliament that has the legislative power and passes the laws, but it’s the Council and the Commission that come up with the ideas for the laws.

I think that means that those two elderly gentlemen in the photo do not “make 50% of the laws that govern my life”.  It’s the leaders of the EU Countries and the Commissioners who come up with the ideas. Then the EU Parliament makes the decision.

That means we need some bloody good, active MEPs battling for us, not some part-time joy-riders. Are you listening Mr Farage and all you Euro-septic MEPs. (Yes it’s deliberate).

The EFD leaflet then goes on about money.

The EU cost us a lot of money which we could save and then spend on you. Or give the rich a nice tax cut.

“There are 2 million unemployed in the UK”, it says. The next bit I really like. “Up and down the UK people are going hungry; queuing at foodbanks; and not getting proper healthcare. We are sending £17 billion to the EU every year.”

So what is the EDF point? I think they are implying that outside of the EU we would not have any of those problems.

Could I suggest that the reason we have those problems is because our Sovereign Parliament has implemented policies which have created the very problems listed.

Because of the EU children go hungry and old people die.

The EDF then suggest we invest in Britain instead. We could: “give 5 million children free school dinners; build 750 new schools; build 10 new hospitals to look after the sick and elderly”. Yes we could, but will we do that?

We choose not to do that because our elected MPs in the UK Parliament support an Austerity Driven Economic Policy, namely George Osborne’s Long Term Economic Plan, which the UK electorate voted for. Heaven knows why.

That is not the fault of the EU.

After that I lost interest in reading anymore.

The EDF seem to be a bunch of Right Wingers who see isolation as a means having complete control and making lots of dosh for themselves and their cronies.

We have blamed everyone:

  • migrants and immigrants
  • asylum seekers
  • teachers
  • doctors
  • the unemployed
  • the working poor
  • the disabled
  • benefit cheats
  • benefit scroungers
  • the benefit system
  • the minimum wage
  • the Labour Party
  • the Trade Unions
  • the young
  • the old
  • unmarried mothers
  • single parents
  • homosexuals, gays and lesbians
  • lefties and militants
  • me
Don't forget the nasty immigrants
Don’t forget the nasty immigrants

The only people who have not taken any blame are:

  • our politicians
  • the bankers
  • the financial sector

Now it’s the EU’s turn to take the blame.

And in case it may have slipped your mind we, the UK Electorate, voted in a Government which is systematically dismantling everything we value, giving the proceeds to the rich, and destroying the planet at the same time. If you want more of that, you know how to vote in the #EURef.

Gove, Johnson, Duncan-Smith, Fox, Farage, et al, (and a lot of below the radar, right-wing zealots). Very dangerous people.






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