#Bedford is about to be hit by the full force of the #Tory #Ideological onslaught

Bedford Borough Council has revealed a new three-year budget forecast to reflect the massive funding reductions from the #Tory government.

The publication of the Medium Term Financial Strategy follows the announcement of the final Local Government Finance Settlement, which included a cut of 80 per cent of the main government grant over the four years from 2015/16 to 2019/20.

Bedford Borough Council now face a budget gap of £21 million by 2019/20.

Mayor Dave Hodgson added: “With nearly £90 million of savings already made since 2010 by targeting back office functions, the scope for making savings away from the front line is disappearing fast in the face of the government’s ongoing assault on local services. These figures lay bare the sheer scale of the budgetary challenge ahead, which will only be met via tough decisions that we do not want to make, but which will simply be unavoidable as we continue to ensure support is in place for the most vulnerable in society.”

Which means, in addition to those that have already lost their jobs, more people are going to lose their jobs. Some families will lose their income. Some families will be dependent on welfare and benefits. Some families will need help from the foodbank. Some people may well lose their homes.

And our local MP, Richard Fuller, votes for cuts to working and unemployed families whenever the opportunity arises.

The #Tories are the only party advocating full-blown #Austerity. Everyone else has realised where #Austerity is leading us.

Add in today’s #Budget #cuts, and announcements on schools, and we are about to see #Bedford hit by the full force of the #Tory #ideology of #Austerity. A carefully designed and targeted strategy.

The ideological war being waged by the #Tories deserves a greater, bigger, better, more effective response than we have seen so far.

Source: Council Reveals £21 Million Funding Gap as ‘Onslaught’ of Government Cuts Continues (Dave Hodgson – Mayor of Bedford Borough)

Richard Fuller voted for Tax Credit cuts £1300 per year for 3.2 million people
Richard Fuller voted for Tax Credit cuts £1300 per year for 3.2 million people




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