#Westminster is the Grandest #BenefitsOffice in the UK.

As we contemplate the launch of the latest austerity missiles from Westminster, targeted at defenseless civilians in the UK, we should not forget that Westminster is also the site of the UK’s grandest benefits office. A place where benefits are doled out without any thought of austerity.

No benefit caps for those in Westminster. In fact the opposite. No need to be in the Westminster benefits office to take advantage. And no chance of sanctions.

Even the Westminster foodbanks serve delicious food, not just basics, but lavish servings of luxury portions.

And whilst everyone else faces modernisation and change, those in Westminster carry on like its 1816 not 2016. Centuries old working methods persist. And the incumbents resist all attempts to modernise, sticking with age-old traditions and working methods.

It’s as though the 21st century never arrived.

Forget all thoughts of targets and fear of failure. In Westminster failure is considered success. If anyone accuses you of failure, you just ignore or insult them.

But make sure all those outside the Westminster perimeter fence have measurable targets, recorded daily and are brought to task at the slightest hint of a slip.

No one in Westminster loses their job if they miss their target. They just make cuts to the incomes of people who can’t fight back.



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