#PanamaPapers: it’s a sick joke at the expense of millions. There are no excuses.

“Never in the field of politics, have so many, been deceived, betrayed and lied to, by so few” – Bedford Burrow, #Westminster, #London.

The Bootleg Green

The Green Party are saying what is blindingly obvious to all of us. The UK is at the centre of the global network of tax havens that facilitate tax avoidance and crime, as revealed by the leak of The Panama Papers.

Although the media have so far tried to spin it as a problem for Russia, Putin, a few other dictators and criminals, it’s clear there is a massive problem in Western Democracies. And embarrassingly for us, the UK is leading the way. Don’t be fooled by the smokescreens, it’s the UK.

molly scot catoMolly Scott Cato MEP, and Green Party economics and finance speaker, said, “If we are to restore our national pride we must see steps taken immediately to deal with the nefarious relationships between apparently respectable companies based in The City and their dubious associates in the Crown dependencies and overseas territories.”

She said it was clear “that…

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