Hi #Dave. Just a small point. It doesn’t look good.

Hi #Dave.

Just a small point. If you have a spare bedroom you get taxed at 100%, via the #BedroomTax, but if you have a spare house, because you are living in a house paid for by #hardworkingTaxPayers, you can rent the spare house out and earn £400k.

Just an example of how it works for those who have nowt and those who have everything. It sort of stops you being “ordinary people” if you get my drift.

And another thing #Dave, you seem to think you have a monopoly on family grief. You don’t. My father died at the age of 49 years, from bloody hard, physical work. I have a son with learning disabilities. Stop playing on it. If you use family as defence, then don’t be surprised if it comes back to haunt you. Leave the family out of it #Dave.

No one said you had done anything illegal, you just made it look that way by your weaselly, evasive answers. Tell it how it is. You just happened to be the beneficiary of good financial fortune. Keep it all up front #Dave.

The hard bit is explaining why you insist on taking from those who are beneficiaries of poor fortune, the disabled, the poor, the vulnerable? Can you understand that?

All along you peddle the line that you have to cut budgets, at the same time as you cut taxes for the higher earners and corporations, and you make the poor sods pay. It doesn’t look good #Dave.

Whilst you are doing these things, money is shipped out of this country by the container load to tax havens and hidden in secret accounts. Does that sound like reasonable behaviour, something that the ordinary, #hardworking family would get up to?

No it bloody well doesn’t. Because the said #hardworking families are busy paying their tax through #PAYE, and their bloody #NIContributions, which jacks up their effective tax rate somewhat.

And if you throw in all those corporations who don’t seem to pay any tax, you can then begin to understand why people are so bloody angry with you.

You’re good at the old talk, but when it comes to the doing you are sadly lacking, unless you’re dealing with the poor and vulnerable, then it’s easy pickings.

If you think all this #austerity shit can carry on as if nothing has happened you’d better think again.

You’d better sort this fucking mess out mate, and get the money coming in or you’ll have a lot of angry people knocking on your front door in Downing Street. What number is it, 11?

Put you up against the big boys and things don’t go so well. That’s how you got us into this #EURef fiasco if the truth be known. That grumpy old Mr Garage really pulled a good trick on you there. Called your bluff and you went for it hook line & sinker.

Then you come back with an #EU deal that’s on the same level as a #Tesco meal deal, but without the a free drink. God help us.

Well #Dave, whichever way it goes, your day of reckoning is coming, you either deal with the Brexit gang, or you deal with us, it’s your choice.

No need to worry about Rupert. Looking at the state he’s in I’ll be surprised if he lasts the year.

And if your worried about Big Bad Boris and his sidekick Mick The Prick taking your job, we can deal with them for you. Just give us the offshore account numbers and we’ll make sure the shit hits the fan. They’ll be using the foodbank next week, not the offshore bank.

And if that fails I’m sure you know nobody, but nobody likes Boris outside of London, and Mick is so full of shit he’s just a fucking arsehole.

Hope to hear from you soon

The People.





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