#Conservatives reveal #Osborne’s attempts at forecasting are piss-poor.

“Osborne has missed every Budget target since he became Chancellor in 2010”, says Alex Deane on Conservative Home.

Source: Alex Deane: Osborne’s outrageous attempt to scare voters | Conservative Home

” He predicted we would clear the budget deficit by 2015. A year on and he has missed that target by over £70 billion or almost equivalent to the entire education budget.”

“Since he has become Chancellor, in five years, he has added £572 billion to the UK’s total public debt, taking it to £1.57 trillion. Why should he be believed when he attempts to forecast for 2030?”

“Or any other year for that matter?” – says Bedford Burrow on Bedford Burrow 

“Not only this, but the Treasury failed to foresee the financial crisis in 2008/9 and subsequent credit crunch, which was the single greatest global contraction since the 1930s.” – and we all thought it was Labour what done it.


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