#Tories admit #Osborne is shit.

Right now the Tories in the EU Leave camp are saying that George Osborne’s forecasts are shit. With all the resources at his disposal the Tories are saying Osborne’s forecasts are not worth the paper they are written on.

OSBORNE #STICKITTOTHETORIESWell that’s no big surprise to millions of us. Just look at his record. So next time George comes up with a forecast telling you everything is going to be wonderful remember what the Tories said: Osborne’s forecasts are shit.

The next time he tells you about his long-term economic plan, or whatever he calls it next time, remember what the Tories told you. Osborne struggles to predict what day it is tomorrow so the chances of him predicting what will happen in 6 months time is zero.

My planTwelve months from now he will not have any chance of forecasting what the economic conditions will be. Osborne is shit, and it was the Tories who told you he is shit.

And just for the record the other lot of Tories can’t tell you anything about what’s going to happen if we leave. They are no better than Osborne.

Now the Tories have let the cat out of the bag. The two Tory gangs hate each other and they don’t have an economic clue between them. And the Tories told you themselves.

Most of us have known Osborne is shit, but at least we have a load of Tories agreeing with us.


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