It’s hard being cynical when the Government are so transparent

As George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse continues to collapse around his ears like a two-day old Tory Budget, civil servants in Sheffield are voting on strike action in response to the planned closure of their office.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills wants to move its Northern Powerhouse HQ down to London. Never has a Government Department been so inaptly named.

Moving the office to London could cost up to 250 jobs, a real boost to the Northern Powerhouse.

Martin Donnelly has been accused of failing to justify the move, with no business case being presented to justify the move and he was accused by the Commons Public Accounts Committee of giving misleading evidence.

I find it hard to believe a Tory Minister would present “misleading” evidence. It’s likely to be something very simple, like all lies.

Mr Donnelly let the cat out of the bag when he said that by moving to London he would “save £350 million”. No doubt this will help Chancellor Osborne provide more tax cuts to his hard up friends, or as we all know them, “elite, wealthy, tax avoiders”. It’s hard being cynical when the Government are so transparent.


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