Re-nationalise the railways? Not if the EU have their way.

So you’re in favour of re-nationalising the railways. After twenty years of privatisation you’d better have a look at the EU’s fourth railway package.

You’ve never heard of it? Not surprising really. I can’t imagine either of the EU campaigns will have a problem with it and probably wont even mention it in their respective campaigns. It might be one of the few bits of EU legislation they could agree on.

The fourth railway package is going to make it impossible for any re-nationalisation of the UK rail system. Dodgy Dave and Belligerent Bendy Boris will welcome anything that helps their friends milk our essential public services for profit.

It gets even better for their friends. The fourth railway package opens up the European rail system to the profiteers. Private train operators will be able to tender to run trains in any EU member state by 2019. What a bonanza.

The fourth railway package makes it illegal for any EU member state to protect their national railways from the profiteers. And that means that nationalisation is going to be impossible.

And, because most passenger services in the EU are now run by nationalised companies that’s going to be a big change.

Here in the UK it will mean that a return to a nationalised railway system is going to be very difficult, if not impossible.

The RMT are opposed to privatisation, rightly so, and they are advising their members to vote Leave. They believe there will be an all-out assault on pay, pensions and jobs for rail workers. Passengers will not be exempt from the effects as fares will rise in a race for profits.

The European mainland don’t know what is in store for them. Enormous fares and standing room only, not to mention the minefield of buying the right ticket, for the right train.

Good luck with that project Europe.


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