The only way to defeat TTIP is from within the EU.

Leaked documents have exposed the EU – US TTIP trade deal is no more than a US attempt to gain access to European markets on their own terms.

The documents, leaked to Greenpeace, show that TTIP is nothing more than a US Corporate grab to take control of European markets and obliterate EU regulations covering GM food, chemical safety, and environmental protection.

molly scot catoMolly Scott Cato, a longstanding critic of TTIP and a Green Party MEP for South West England, has seen the leaked documents. She said, “The leaked documents released this morning prove what the Green Group in the European Parliament has been arguing for several years: TTIP is not a trade treaty but a corporate power grab. What the US is seeking is nothing short of access to European markets on their terms; a completely unprecedented attempt by US corporations to overwhelm the will of European citizens”.

With the UK referendum in full swing, the leak would seem to favour the Out campaigners, but who thinks if the Out campaign win the referendum they would do anything other than agree a similar trade deal with the US, or anyone else for that matter. The UK would be no better off out of the EU.

Molly Scott Catto argued the case by pointing out that, “It is important not to use these shocking revelations about TTIP as an argument in favour of the UK leaving the European Union. As President Obama made clear during his visit to Europe, he is keen to push this treaty through but he cannot do this without the agreement of the European Parliament and all 28 members of the EU. Also, if a majority of MEPs vote against it, we can stop it in its tracks. There isstop TTIP huge momentum against TTIP across Europe and 3.5 million EU citizens have signed a petition calling for the deal to be abandoned. Brexit would weaken the Stop TTIP campaign as it would lose the vital contribution of UK campaigners. Those using TTIP as an argument to leave the EU must be clear that the UK government would be seeking a trade treaty at least as bad as TTIP.”

She said the Green Party is the only party that the UK electorate can rely on to defend the UK, and Europe, against the US grab for power through the TTIP deal.

She said the leak has serious implications for democracy on both sides of the Atlantic. “For those who are as shocked as I am about this morning’s revelations, our conclusion is that we must stand and fight together as Global TTIPEuropeans against the authoritarian power of US corporations. The most sinister aspect of the leak is the way the US is demanding that its corporations can know in advance proposals being made by European law makers and will be given particular status in our legislative process. This is a totally unacceptable threat to European democracy.”

It is time to for those opposed to TTIP to redouble their efforts to fight the deal inside the EU. Anything else, including a vote for Brexit, will see the TTIP agreement concluded and standards eroded by US corporate power.





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