The Queen’s speech is just a load of old tosh



Today we were treated to our annual, medieval, fancy dress extravaganza that is the Queen’s Speech. Jewels, ermine and an old black stick.


Our 90 year old Queen told us that “her Government”, whilst under investigation for election fraud by umpteen police forces, would do some “Government” to us.


It seems ironic that the last year of her “Government” doing things to us has resulted in chaos, defeat, u-turn and an almighty shambles.

People from all walks of life protest, demonstrate, revolt, withdraw their labour, are up in arms about fraud and corruption, and write to their MPs in their millions to vent their anger.

Our Queen must have noticed that whilst her subjects are revolting, “her Government” ministers are at each others throats, tearing each other to shreds, over the simple matter of a referendum of the people.


stick it to the ToriesAnd on this day, the Secretary of State for Health discovers that it is a good idea to talk to the junior doctors. She must wonder what the fuck is going on.

So as our Queen delivers her speech in a dull monotone voice, void of any emotion, I bet she is thinking, “How have I managed to keep this show going for so long?”

Has she ever had a good speech to deliver?

This one was particularly dull.

Given that the Government is in such an almighty fucking mess, was is it ever going to be anything else? The Government want a quiet life,at least form their own members, even if everyone is still revolting.

ESA RICHARD FULLEROur Queen, and her Government’s programme, fails to address any of the Government inspired problems we have to solve; housing; NHS; austerity; education; welfare; ownership; jobs; corruption; low pay; excessive pay; climate change; EU Referendum fall-out; media ownership; electoral reform; election fraud; fair taxation; prisons; energy crisis; and so on.

Museum of politics

You would think that a Government that continually tries to modernise all of us plebs, might take a long hard look at themselves. With their ancient traditions and and ridiculous procedures, it really is time they caught up with us here in the 21st century.

For God’s sake, Westminster is the biggest museum in Europe. And has it occurred to anyone in Westminster that just might be the problem with this country?

At least our Queen can take it easy for the rest of the year in the knowledge that, if the coming year is anything like the last, she wont be required to sign any legislation because it will be in ruins by Christmas. Then she can give us her next speech.

And if things get out of control there always the good old British Bobby to help keep the peace.

Orgreave Justice



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