24th June. A day of disappointment. There will be a lot of disappointment.

24th June. A day of disappointment.  There will be a lot of  disappointment.

Martin Rosen - PanamapapersThe EU debate will be over and the result will be in.

Immigration. Immigration. Immigration.  It’s the cause of all our problems, if you believe the claims. From low wages, through housing, school places to jobs. It’s immigration.

If it were that simple. Control our borders, keep the foreigners out and we’ll have everything under control. A lot of people are going to be very disappointed.

Disappointed that immigration will not go down by a significant amount. Disappointed all the things they blame on immigration will not change. In fact things may even get worse.

Take Housing. The story is that immigrants take our houses. No one can get a house. Those pesky immigrants just rock up here  and take their pick of all our housing stock. Meanwhile the hardworking natives don’t get a look in.

vocabularywordcloudIn case no one has noticed all our housing stock has been sold off. Our brick works have been mothballed, and we are building about two houses a month, one if there is a bank holiday in the month.

And in London the only people who can afford to buy a house are those who’ve stashed their cash off shore, in a shell company, in a British run tax haven. The home buyer can’t get a look in, priced out of the market by the international money men.

The housing crisis has nothing to do with immigration or the EU. The housing crisis is rooted firmly in Westminster. It’s a home-grown problem. Our very own patriotic, British politicians are to blame.

Selling off council houses; not replacing them; not building enough; selling London property to anonymous off shore buyers; forcing up prices; in or out, the EU is not going to change a thing.

And if you can’t get a place in your local school, look no further than the Dfe, Gove and Nicky Morgan. They stopped your local authority building a new school where it’s needed. They allowed academy chains and free schools to set up wherever they fancied.

We have school places a plenty. Sadly all in the wrong place. So we have overcrowded schools. We have schools with no pupils.

We have teachers being made redundant at the same time as we have a teacher recruitment crisis. Work that out.

It takes some doing to create a situation like that. But that’s UK Government Education Policy. It’s not EU diktat. It’s called privatisation. And it wont change whether we are in or out. It’s Government Policy.

Jobs, or lack of jobs. The immigrants take our jobs. Get out of the EU and we’ll all have a job. No you wont.

ProductsWe were supposed to re-balance the economy. Well that was part of George Osborne’s long-term economic plan. As usual George has failed to deliver. He didn’t really stand a cat in hell’s chance of delivering.

Global corporations decided it was cheaper to take our jobs and move them all to the low wage economies a long way from the UK.

Our jobs have been exported so we can have cheap stuff in our shops. That’s also where our low wages come from. And zero hour contracts.

You can blame the EU as much as you like. You can vote out. You can vote in. You can reclaim our sovereignty. You can control our borders.  It wont make a blind bit of difference. If you want change you need new politicians with new ideas.

ParliamentWestminster needs to change, and just about every politician who has an office in Westminster needs to go. Start again, new politics, new politicians, new policies.

After we’ve put our own house in order then we can deal with the EU. Until then nothing will change.


oink, oink,

have a nice day



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