#Brexit are quite clear on one thing, #workersrights are just #redtape, they said so.

“If we could just halve the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation we could deliver a £4.3 billion boost to our economy and 60,000 new jobs.”

That’s what Government minister, and Brexit campaigner, Priti Patel told business leaders at the Institute of Directors. She was quite explicit. If Britain leaves the EU, the government can scrap half the rules that protect people at work.

There is no ambiguity, it is the intention to scrap workers rights if we leave the EU.

Boris Johnson is very disappointed, he said so. It was “very disappointing” that Britain had not made “changes to employment law”, he complained, adding that we “need to weigh in on all that stuff, all that social chapter stuff”.

That’s clear enough.

And let’s not leave David Cameron out of this. His former adviser, Steve Hilton, complained that “membership of the EU brings with it constraints on everything from employment law to family policy”.

And that nice  Mr Grayling was equally candid when asked what European “red tape” he disliked. He referred to health and safety laws.

So there you have it, vote Brexit and you can look forward to third world working conditions and a very dangerous existence in the workplace.

What can you do?

Vote to stay in the EU and at the first opportunity vote to get rid of the Tories.

And one last thing, join a bloody trade union.

The leave campaign would scrap workers’ rights. It must tell us which ones | Hilary Benn | Opinion | The Guardian

According to the TUC, some of the workers’ rights that are under threat from Brexit are:

  • A minimum of four weeks paid holiday, plus public holidays
  • The right to equal pay for women is underpinned by EU law
  • Protections against sex discrimination at work where EU law also underpins UK law
  • Rights to maternity and paternity leave
  • Equal treatment for part-time workers
  • No discrimination against fixed term workers
  • Equal treatment for agency workers after six months
  • An individual right to limit the working week to a maximum of 48 hours
  • Protection for workers facing outsourcing, privatisation, and changes of employer
  • Comprehensive protection on health and safety in the workplace

If you are OK living without them, then you have nothing to be afraid of, after all, we all trust the Tories, don’t we?


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