#Trump, just another symptom?

Everybody is talking about Trumpism, racism, sexism, walls, everything. Division it’s a buzz word.

Lets reunite the country. It’s a re-run of #Brexit. We are so divided. It’s a beautiful thing. If you are part of the #Global #Elite, “It’s so beautiful”.

All we are talking about are the symptoms.

Products#Globalisation is the problem. It’s stripping you of your job. It’s stripping you of your services. It’s stripping you of your rights. It’s stripping you of your democracy. It’s stripping you of your wages and money. It’s stripping you of your compassion. Eventually it will strip you of your vote.

And when you think you have nothing left to lose #Globalisation will strip you of your life. And the life of your children.

You want to fight back. You have to fight back. You vote for the politician who speaks to you, speaks for you.

xmanipulation-770x470-pagespeed-ic-8pvzyvdgquThat politician is Trump or Farage or Le Penn. You believe it. You may be right. But everyone is talking about racism, sexism, immigration, hate. You should be talking about the #money.

The problem is #Globalisation and the #GlobalElite. They are laughing. While we hate each other and fight amongst ourselves, the #GlobalElite continue to take the money.

Trump, Farage, Brexit, racism, sexism, division, dare I say it, even ISIS. The job is done. The #GlobalElite have done the job. Carry On #Globalisation.

Until someone fights the idea of #Globalisation, and the Global Corporations stripping out the wealth of your country, nothing will change.

Your job has gone to the other side of the world. It’s cheap labour over there. Your job will not return until the cost of your labour becomes cheaper than the poor sod on the other side of the world. With your job goes your money, your home, and everything you cherish.

vocabularywordcloudPolitical parties take their money from the #GlobalElite. Global Elites control your democracy. Global elites control your media. Global elites control what you read and what you see. Global elites control what you know.

The free market thinkers will tell you that’s the way it works. It works that way because they have designed it that way. They made the rules.

The fight is with #Globalisation. To fight #Globalisation you don’t need an extremist. To fight Globalisation you don’t need to be an extremist. To fight #Globalisation you need to talk about the #Money. It’s the money and wealth. The #GlobalElite are stealing everyone’s money and wealth. You are a victim. Immigrants are victims.

#Globalisation is the problem. Everything else is a symptom of that problem.

Where is the politician who can articulate the problem of #Globalisation without resorting to extremism?

If we don’t find a leader who can do that, then make no mistake, there are plenty of extremist politicians who will do it?

The people who have nothing are the ones who will lose the most.

If you are poor you will lose more than the #GlobalElite, you will lose everything.

Start talking now. It’s the wealth. It’s the money. It’s #Globalisation. It’s the #GlobalElite. That’s the fight.


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