Champion of the workers? Theresa May hopes you wont notice she’s taking the piss.

theresa-may-3-277x150Way, way back in time, just a few months ago, Theresa May was launching herself into the job of Prime Minster, as the champion of the workers. We were going to have workers on the boards of companies.  We were going to have consumers on the boards of companies. How things change, especially in Theresa’s world.

Now she says she has no plans to “change the system”, a system that has failed so many workers, and consumers. Instead, those very boards will be able to carry on with business as usual. The champion of the workers is once again the champion of the bosses.

No one is surprised. Tories are renowned for saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. Theresa is now going to work with business and produce another plan. If you expect that plan to have anything in it that might give workers and consumers a voice in the board room you will be very disappointed.

Later it was revealed that she had also backtracked on measures to give shareholders a greater say in pay awards to company bosses. Theresa says some very nice things, but behind the words is the same old Tory Nasty Party.

Expect a long period of silence on boardroom reform.

1Looking back even further than a couple of months reveals the real Tory manifesto. The total destruction of British Heavy Industry goes back to Thatcher. It’s reckoned that half the deficit is a result of Thatcher and her assault on workers and trade unions. Going to war against your own national workforce is a costly process.

As working people now face another 10 year attack on their living standards, the Tories still keep telling us the economy is strong. They expect us to believe it.

Thirty years of economic dogma, based on a twisted political ideology, which blames problems caused by managerial and political incompetence, on workers, and those who play no part in the decision-making process. And it will continue.

pigs_finalWhilst this goes on, the bosses will give themselves outrageous pay rises, the tax avoider will continue moving £millions off shore, and the wealth created by workers will be moved abroad to avoid paying tax and contributing to a society their profits depend on.

If you believe Brexshit will sort this country I think you are very much mistaken.

Theresa May: I won’t force companies to appoint workers to their boards | Business | The Guardian

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