Things will continue as they are until, instead of giving us #austerity, they give us what we need.

enhanced-5828-1422376459-41The NHS. What a bloody mess. But don’t worry you can always rely on the #Tories. They always come up with a plan. Guaranteed to make things worse. Let’s get GP s to work longer hours.

They can open their surgeries at sunrise and close at sunset. Except in winter, when they can open in the dark, and close hours after it’s got dark again. That should do it.

I don’t want to spend too much time going through the idea but think about it. What’s needed to make longer GP opening hours work?

More doctors, more receptionists and more practice nurses to start with. Without them, working in a surgery will be long working day.

I know one thing. The NHS is not in a mess because GP s and their surgery staff are not working hard enough. So getting them to work longer hours might not solve the NHS crisis. In fact it might even make it worse because the staff will be knackered, stressed and leaving in droves.

I’d say this country needs more GP s. Just like it needs more nurses, surgeons, anesthetists, teachers, TA s, police, engineers, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, joiners, fitters, social workers, care workers, scientists, chemists, physicists, biologists, mental-health workers, midwives, and probably soldiers, sailors and airmen.

joblessBut what we’ll get under the Tories are more Fat Cat Bankers, baristas, warehouse pickers, self-employed drivers, fast-food technicians, poverty wages and politicians, because that’s the way our economy is going. Welcome to the Coffee and Cake Economy.

And it will continue that way until ………………. somebody does something different. Instead of giving us more Austerity give us more money for the things we need. Like training, skills, opportunities and hope.


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