Government for the people or wealth and opulence for the few?

Theresa May has not been in the job long but she has quickly established a reputation. Unfortunately for her it’s a reputation for doing nothing.

The NHS has been falling apart for a while. There are daily stories of the service in crisis, of patients not being treated. Even patients dying on trolleys in corridors after hours of being ignored. Someone has to take responsibility, but it will not be May and her Ministers. That will fall to those on the front line.

After years of austerity, and real cuts by Government, May blames those who are struggling with the impact of Tory policies. And Theresa May is a Tory. She talks of increasing funding, but does nothing. She and her ministers even claim the NHS is in the best shape it has been in for years. She denies the NHS is crisis, which means that in May’s world, the NHS is not in crisis.

junior docs 3As NHS staff struggle to keep services functioning, it’s clear to them that there is a crisis. As services to patients collapse, it ‘s clear to patients there is a crisis. As hospital reviews show that services will close, it’s clear there is a crisis.

When The Red Cross says there is a Humanitarian Crisis the Government denies it. As NHS leaders say there is a crisis, Theresa May says that there have been a few unfortunate incidents.

No Prime Minister. The NHS is in crisis. Again. Exactly as it was during previous years of Tory Government. A Tory Government always brings with it an NHS crisis.

Not since the last Tory administration have we seen so many homeless on UK streets.
Not since the last Tory administration have we seen so many homeless on UK streets.

Linked with the NHS crisis is another crisis, the Social Care crisis. The collapse of social care leaves the NHS to deal with the fallout. Theresa May talks of increased funding for social care, but nothing changes because she does nothing. More words and no action from May.

Years of failure on housing policy has dealt May a poor hand. We can’t build enough homes, and young people cannot afford the homes we do build. May talks about affordable housing but nothing happens. Her talk is not translated into action.  And everyday the number of homeless citizens increases. Not since the height of the last Tory administration have we seen so many people sleeping on the streets of UK towns and cities.

Schools across England are having to face a looming funding crisis. Not content with driving thousands of teachers out of their chosen profession and creating a recruitment and retention crisis, the Tories are now creating a funding crisis that will see schools unable to function on a daily basis.

Some head teachers have already talked of only being able to open their schools for three or four days a week. Imagine that. School budgets are being cut in real terms, yet Theresa May and her Government continue to insist that budgets are increasing. The talk and the reality do not add up. And all the while Theresa May seems unable to understand that it’s action that is needed not empty rhetoric.

action-for-rail-1Parts of the rail system are in crisis. Staff and passengers have had enough of incompetent management and piss-poor service. Ministers can only offer one solution, legislation against trade unions and their members.

The idea that increases in rail fares and incompetent management can be remedied by banning strikes shows a paucity of thinking that is the hallmark of Theresa May and her Government. Maybe we will see a ban on passengers protesting about fare increases soon.

The Prime Minister is fond of rhetoric but she never quite delivers it in a convincing way. We’ve had an economy that works for everyone. We’ve had the party of the worker. We now have the shared society. But we still have the excessive pay, the creamed off profits, the million pound bonus, the tax havens and attacks on worker’s rights. Again, words and no action to change anything.

The top pay is protected, and any worker who has the guts to stand with their trade union colleagues against the inequity of pay and conditions faces legislation to remove their right to strike. The Tories are determined to create a workforce at the mercy of unscrupulous bosses. Subjugated workers, ready for exploitation, in their brave new Britain  as a tax haven. The Downing Street speech of June has faded from the memory, never to be mentioned again.

But Brexit remains. Brexit. The will of the people. The people will get what they voted for. The best deal for Britain. But whose Britain will it be?

Will it be the Britain of the worker? Will it be the Britain of the family? Will it be the green and pleasant Britain? Will it be a Britain for the people? The Britain that Brexit voters demand?

pigs_finalOr will it be the Britain of the Boardroom? Will it be the Britain of the Bankers Bonus? Will it be the Britain of the exploited worker? Will it be the Britain of the tax avoider? Will it be the Britain of the tax evader? Will it be the Britain of the off-shore account? Will it be the Britain of the subjugated workforce and poverty wages? Will it be the brave new Britain that is a Tax Haven?

revolutionTheresa May is fast being overwhelmed by crisis upon crisis. Each new crisis building on the chaos of the last crisis. And each crisis is blamed on the newest group of scapegoats. And with each new scapegoat the truth is dawning, that we have a Prime Minister who is incapable of thinking and acting in the interests of the citizens she governs.

Is it the role of Government to work for improvement so that all citizens can at least hope, and look forward to, improving living conditions?

Or is it the role of Government to increase the wealth and opulence of a small minority,  wealth that the majority cannot even  imagine?

I think we know the answer.


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