Grafham Water & Winter Sun

16142973_10211506269156836_1232553473959700934_nJust 20 mins drive from Bedford, up the A1, Grafham Water is the perfect place for a walk in the winter sunshine.With some good, hard-surfaced paths it’s perfect at this time of year and away from the main visitor centres there are some quiet spots to enjoy the views.



16143494_10211506339958606_638089349385656631_o  16178932_10211506371519395_8712553365695252163_o 16251742_10211506355638998_5927039402390723243_o



16179657_10211506304757726_3170627784642968261_o  16252113_10211506368599322_519352049168708411_o

16266251_10211506274636973_5848952790734370029_n 16265922_10211506285717250_2940708117561724426_n 16265275_10211506278557071_6889723187577669540_n



A few details.

img_0190 img_0215 img_0236 img_0244 img_0247


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