#FoodDrunk, #Esquires, #Bedford


A brand new Street Food and Cider festival is coming to Bedford. And it comes with the added bonus of some amazing bands, artists and DJs!

It’ll be landing on Bromham Road at Bedford’s top music venue, Esquires. And with the Pad boys involved you can guarantee it will be well worth it. That’s 27th May, 12-00 thro to 23-00, if you’re a diary type.

The car park will disappear. Not literally. It will be turned into a mini food market. Bunting. And a few hay bales for good measure.

The two downstairs rooms will be turned into halls for the discerning foodies, with sounds as good as the tastes, throughout the day.

Tapping into the UK street food network so far,tastes from Lebanon to American BBQ,  smoke houses to Mexican churros, have been added to menu.

All the street food vendors have 5 star hygiene ratings and, importantly,  they have all been road tested first!

19/01/17 GV of EsquiresAnd if that’s not enough there will be over 15 different ciders to choose from or test. Go easy.

Full DJ and live line up will be announced soon, making the day even better. I’m told  something very special is lined up!

It goes without saying that Bedford has never seen anything quite like this.


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