The Monsal Trail

16807752_10211749183989555_3328243950441252720_nFollowing the route of the old railway which ran through the dale, the Monsal Trail provides an ideal walking and cycling route. It has tunnels and a few reminders of the old railway. Of course their are great views of the dale and River Wye, even on a misty February day.

I can’t help thinking that the politicians who made the decisions to close the many small railway lines all over the country didn’t have a fucking clue what they were doing. As usual they knew the cost but failed to understand the value.


16807524_10211749201429991_2950165750238974691_n 16807462_10211749152948779_2619017072436656268_n 16807447_10211749181749499_9215532930615048335_n




16807067_10211749168509168_410788123627287785_n 16807035_10211749116347864_4394999686464539135_n


16730385_10211749268671672_5754749626053549871_n 16730281_10211749129348189_106644398524603794_n

16729364_10211749099787450_5158931250971697255_n 16729351_10211749275391840_8825739740336712023_n 16729259_10211749141628496_7705028302877126210_n 16711985_10211749171189235_1318372876909612264_n 16649420_10211749230950729_7474885417467264100_n


Monsal Dale 1959



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