All the way to Tupton

On Thursday 16th Feb 2017 I found myself in Tupton, Derbyshire because, after the death of my grandfather in 1949, his step-daughter, Vera Roper (Nee Kirk), had contact with two sisters from Tupton. The sisters claimed my grandfather, Joe, was their father.

Joe married my grandmother in 1919. Her first husband was killed in 1917 on the battlefields of France.

In 1901 Joe was living in North Wingfield, Derbyshire, a stones throw from Tupton.

The meeting between Vera and the two sisters took place around 1949, and only came to light in 2010, some sixty years after the event.

Further research narrowed down the possible families he may well have co-habited with, or married. So it was that we were in Tupton, looking for Colenso Place (see map below). And we found it. But we did not find the people we were looking for.

The search goes on.

Family Page

Clenso Place, Tupton

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