#Budget #Cuts at your school? – Goldington Academy forecast to lose up to 4 teachers by 2020

This head teacher describes what’s happening in schools across the country. Bedford is no different. The figures may be different, but the outcome will be similar. You had better contact your union sooner than later.

Goldington Academy could lose up to 4 teachers by 2020 as a result of a decrease in the annual school budget of £180,500 according to Schools Cuts website.

The teachers remaining at the school will face an ever-increasing workload. You could rightly predict that, unless something changes, those teachers remaining will struggle to maintain standards.

If you are a parent you could ask the head how he intends to deal with the budget crisis he faces. He may deny there is a budget crisis looming. That would be foolhardy given that Head Teacher Unions are shouting about it.

If you are a teacher you should be asking your Trade Union what can be done to protect your job. Of course you could just sit there and hope it’s not you facing the chop.

Then again, you may be hoping to get the chop, thinking the unlucky teachers are those remaining at Goldington, given the extra workload they face.

There are choices, mainly about which jobs are cut. Admin, TAs, Technicians, cleaners, as well as teachers, are all at risk. But you are not going to save £180k on pencils and paint. Your school is under attack. What are going you going to do about it?

And don’t forget, in Bedford we have the added complication of the change from 3 tier to 2 tier.

Of course the Principal, Francis Galbraith, may have a plan. If you are a parent you should be asking Mr Galbraith what his plan is.

Budget Forecast for Golding Academy 2019

Goldington Academy website


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