#Budget #cuts hit #Bedford, you need to stand up to defend your #local #school.

The current slogan is a “Country that works for everyone”, or something similar. It’s bullshit. The government is in the process of cutting school funding so drastically that there can only be one outcome. And it is your local school that will be hit.

It’s not going to happen to someone else. It’s going to happen to your child’s school, here in Bedford… In fact it’s already started.

Heads in Bedford have, or are the process of, preparing budgets and looking ahead to 2020. And what they are seeing are massive deficits. Those deficits have to be faced, and dealt with. And many schools will take action this year. You can’t afford to wait until 2020. You have to act now.

Choose who you want to believe. Is it the head who is going to make teachers, teaching assistants and support staff redundant in your local school?

Or are you going to believe the politician who tells you education budgets are protected, even though school staff are losing their jobs because budgets have been cut?

Class sizes will rise. And that has an impact in the classroom. Teaching Assistants will disappear.

Counsellors and therapists will disappear, along with the support services they offer in schools. And that has an impact.

The reduction in teacher numbers will have other effects. Fewer subjects on the curriculum. Fewer GCSE options. Field trips will be cut with fewer staff around to organise and lead them.

And while all that is happening in schools, the training of new teachers is in decline. At the same time lots of teachers are forced out through workload and health issues.

What is happening in the NHS and social care is about to happen in education. If you have children in school, then you and your children will be affected.

Richard Fuller looking a dapper chap at work.

A few flagship grammar schools are not going to help your child. The Free School that is lauded by the politician and local MP cannot begin to offset the impact of the education cuts on thousands of children in Bedford.

As a parent you have the right to ask your parent Governor what is happening in your local school. If you care about your child’s education, it is your duty to get involved and start asking questions of Governors and the Head.

If you don’t, the first you will know that your child’s class teacher has gone is when you read it the paper, or when your child comes home and tells you.

By then it will be too late. By then the Government will have decided who will benefit from the tax you have paid.

Question is, will it be your child or the billionaire tax avoider? Or the Tory MP you voted for.






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