#Bedford#GreenParty #GE2017 Candidate Lucy Bywater

Lucy Bywater will be  the Green Party candidate for the Bedford and Kempston constituency in the 2017 General Election

In local council elections, Lucy has contested the Castle Ward in Bedford for The Green Party on three occasions. She is an active campaigner in the local The Green Party.

Lucy working with volunteers on a local herb garden

She has lived in Bedford for 14 years,  is married with two teenagers and works in publishing.

Lucy supports many local groups and is committed to social justice. She campaigns on local issues and, Lucy says she would “fight to maintain and  restore public services”.

As a Green Party member Lucy believes that tackling climate change is essential to safeguard the environment for the long-term needs of the people.

“I joined the Greens because it has the long-term needs of people and the planet at its heart. I’ve always believed that you can’t separate the two”.

Lucy is out campaigning in Bedford all year round on local and national issues. Lucy has recently been involved in Green Party campaigns about funding of social care, threats to cut services at Bedford Hospital, opposing the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons, and highlighting Government failure to act on illegally high air pollution.

Lucy campaigning in Bedford Town centre for the Green Party

Lucy believes it is vitally important that people vote. “In 2015 millions didn’t vote because they thought it wouldn’t make a difference. My message is register and vote, because you need to have a say in your future”, she says.

You can support Lucy on her CrowdFunder Page

Register to vote before 22nd May to vote in the 2017 General Election


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