The #Tory #Dementia #Tax – get ready to be asset stripped again.

Did Theresa May really think she could get away it? Probably she did. She believes her own popularity hype so it’s a small step to think you can do whatever your want.

Spun as a the Tory solution to the Social Care crisis, it’s obvious that it’s nothing of the sort. May’s Dementia Tax is just the latest in a long line of Tory tools to asset strip ordinary people.

The unemployed have been stripped of all dignity. Punitive measures are applied to sanction and remove the meagre levels financial  support.

Likewise the sick and disabled have been systematically abused by the Tories. Services have been withdrawn and their financial support is being  cut as they are put on what is euphemistically described  as “the way into work”. It’s nothing of the sort. It’s simply a way to cut services and support and pass the savings on as tax cuts for the rich.

This is done under the guise of austerity, a policy supposedly designed to reduce both the national deficit and national debt. Tory policies are nothing to do with deficit or debt. The Tories don’t care about deficit or debt. The real intention is to redistribute wealth and power to the Tory’s rich and wealthy friends, with ordinary people picking up the bill.

The young are not exempt. The debt burden on those going to university has been sold on to debt companies. This was done in 2013 by David Two Brains Willets. The long term profits of those companies are now based on the ever increasing interest attached to student debt. Many students now have little chance of paying off the debt, and face increasing debt and interest payments.

Public sector workers have seen little or no pay rises since 2010. The real value of their wages have fallen dramatically. The savings in public sector pay have been used to cut the tax rates of the corporations and their highly paid executives. The situation in schools is typical, with schools facing cuts, and teachers facing redundancy, academy CEOs are having a pay day bonanza.

Having established the systems to asset strip the vulnerable, it’s now the turn of the elderly, and in particular those needing care, as they are the easiest target.

The elderly were first identified as the next target back in Feb 2017. I wrote about David “Two Brains” Willets after listening to him on Radio 4 identifying pensioners having higher incomes than those typically working. Two Brains aim was, with the help of his Think Tank, to come up with ways in which the elderly could be exploited.

Pensioner incomes have kept pace with, or exceeded, the incomes of “ordinary” people. This marked them out for the Tory treatment. They could be labelled and vilified, and marked out as the next victims of Tory cuts.

Pensioner incomes could be exploited, but more importantly, given the number who own their homes, they also have assets to be exploited.

Cynically, the Tory Manifesto moved on pensions and the triple lock. More cynically, the Tories moved to asset strip the elderly, by forcing them to hand over the equity in their property to equity release companies. The equity release companies will be the vehicle the Tories use to acquire the assets.

Having taken control of the assets, released the capital to pay private care companies, the equity release companies will then apply charges to the final £100k, which is supposedly protected. Very little inheritance will find its way into the hands of families. The assets and the capital will be in the hands of the City.

The final irony is to hear today, Tory politicians claiming that £100k is a substantial inheritance to receive. This from Tories who have championed the lowering of inheritance tax for those with millions to pass on.

If £100k is a substantial inheritance why can’t inheritance tax be levied on inheritance above £100k? The answer is simple. It would mean the Tory’s rich friends handing over their wealth to benefit everyone. And that’s something they do not want to do.

In the Tory world, ordinary people are there to be exploited, not helped. Ordinary people will be paying tax to provide services which they will then have to pay for at the point of use. And the receipts will be used to cut the taxes for corporations and high earners. A triple Tory Bombshell.

From all this you can predict the next scandal. The mis-selling of “Equity Release Products” to pensioners. We are not fooled Theresa. We can see through you. It’s called political transparency.

Tory Cash Grab

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