Tuesday, a strange day, a day of reflection.

Tuesday. 23rd May. 2017.  A strange day.

Today I’ve busied myself with the things I needed to do. Those mundane things we do every day that never make the news. Looking after my grandson, at home on doctor’s orders with rubella. No headlines. No life-changing event. Taking comfort from family ties, caring for those close to you.

I didn’t watch much news. I preferred my own thoughts to those filtered through the agenda of media outlets. The shallowness.

At times my mind wandered to those less fortunate, caught up in events of horror and loss.

The dealers in death, intruding into the everyday lives of families who only want to be left alone with the ones they love.

The world is full of dealers in death. The forces of darkness. The forces of evil. The isolated people with nothing to gain. The corporate giants acquiring wealth.

The result is always the same. Family grief. Family loss. A friend no longer here. And across the world it goes on and on.

I saw George from next-door. 85 years old. He needed some help. It came naturally. We chatted. I made coffee. It was an hour well spent. My grandson only eight. A contrast of life time.

We listen to leaders who tell us we will be stronger and more resolute. That death will not weaken us, even though individually, those affected, racked with pain and grief, for a time are crushed by loss.

Listening to the voices of condemnation, I’m glad it’s not me that has to speak to the nation. How do you find the words?

Which brings me to the current contest to choose a leader for another five years. We have a decision to make. Thankfully we have a choice.

We have one contender who lays claim to being strong and stable, able to lead us in the most difficult of times. Strong on security. A leader who was given the position without challenge. Chosen from a small group of individuals. Whittled down to one, using the criteria of who was most favoured by a select group of media moguls .

A leader whose policies have no basis in any long-term political beliefs. A leader who, at the first sign of challenge, gives way. A leader who has no history of strength or determination. A leader who repeatedly does the opposite of what their first, stated intentions, are. A leader who offers policies based on ideas which have failed for over forty years.

The other leader lays before us policies based on political principles developed over a lifetime in politics. Policies, ideas and principles which often went against the mainstream orthodoxy. Challenged by political opponents within their own party, they stood firm.

Vilified by a media opposed to their ideas, they have withstood a torrent of personal abuse and lies. With calmness and clarity, they have continue to present themselves as unflappable, in the most hostile of environments.

It really is a simple decision. On one hand an unprincipled leader of fantasy and spin. On the other hand, a leader of principle, shown by history, to have stood firm against vicious and unprincipled attacks against their person.

A choice between a leader who has been on the right side of history, or a leader who has been on the side of fashion and media.

We have a choice. We always have a choice. On the strangest of days we have a choice………..

On 8th June ordinary, compassionate people will choose. We will make a good choice.

And outside my door tonight, the stars still shine. And when the tears subside the stars will shine brighter. Nothing strange, something amazing.



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