Esquires, Bedford, Food Drunk is on again – 26th May

FoodDrunk is back. Bedford Esquires. May bank holiday.

Last year Bedford’s Street Food and Cider festival was held to  celebrate the Esquire’s 27th birthday.  This year it’s  to celebrate whatever you want. Esquire’s 28th birthday?

last year it was cider. This year it’s gin. Forty gins to be precise. Throw in some amazing bands and artists, mix that with those Roll Your Own Records guys, providing sounds outside and you have an amazing day.

Then there’s food. So much food. And it’s free to get in, 12-30pm – 3-00am, if you can stay the course

The car park becomes a mini food market. Up goes the bunting, add a few hay bales, and there you have it, Food Drunk.

Two downstairs rooms become food halls for discerning foodies, with sounds as good as the tastes, all day.

Working with some of the most respected street food sellers in the UK, all curated by the Hitchin Food Festival and Cantinas Carnitas head-honcho, there’s nothing else like it in Bedford. All the street food vendors have 5 star hygiene ratings, and they have all been taste tested. Trust me.

On top of this over forty gins will be available, served in more ways than you can imagine. Start at 12-30pm and finish when you’re ready.


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