Salthouse beach road & Gramborough Hill

Vehicles parking on beach road in the distance. We are near the back.

See the map below for location and directions.

Parking is along the side of the road, there is no official car park. There used to be a car park here but in 2013 storms covered it with six-foot of shingle. The National Trust sign and reference to No Overnight Parking or Camping I think relates to the old car park as it’s situated away from the road in the shingle.

There is a turning point. There are no other facilities there, although whilst we there, a guy turned up with a rather nice looking coffee-making machine in the back of his transit and started selling coffee to anyone interested.

The road was quiet whilst we were there, with just a few people coming and going. The few cars parked there probably belonged to the fishermen on the beach. A few camper vans were parked up and some had been there overnight.

Although there is a no overnight camping sign on the beach, there are no signs on the approach road to the beach.

We got talking to one elderly woman who had spent the night there. She had been on the road, solo, for the past nine weeks and was thinking of heading for home sometime soon. I was full of admiration for here.


The beach is shingle and stone, with a few “heath” bumps at intervals. Gamborough Hill is a short walk. It’s called a hill, but it’s no more than a small bump in the landscape.



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