Symonds Yat

We arrived in the land of the English/Welsh border. To visit the home of my ancestors. To spend a few days enjoying the towns and countryside.

Symonds Yat is known for its natural beauty. As you walk it is easy to see why. At this time of year it is quiet, peaceful.  So close to centre’s of population and arterial transport routes, yet so isolated. A small pocket of tranquillity. Take the opportunity to escape into nature with your body, soul and mind.

Always start with a brew


Looking down on the river as it flows through the gorge


On the other side of the hill the cliffs are home to buzzards and peregrine falcons. And we saw a few buzzards circling and peregrines perched high in trees, keeping a watchful eye. Binoculars essential.


At this time of year, January, the woods are quiet. I think summer would be very different.


You can see us parked behind the distant trees as we look back before heading off to explore for a few hours


It looks busier down there than up here


It’s a bit of a drop down there


Love the moss everywhere, very ancient woodland


You walk for hours, surrounded by bird life, and not a human crosses your path. That’s the beauty of winter.




The beauty of nature. Out of decay springs life.


These gulleys feed the river below in wet weather
It’s taken 200 million years and ice ages to create this landscape. We spend a few hours here and move on. The river continues it’s journey to the sea and it’s work on the landscape. It’s hard to comprehend the vastness of time. It played on my mind throughout the day. Humans would be wise to remember that nature always wins.

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